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I am here to help you start your journey on the path to sustainable health, and more. Our body is a reflection of the state of our mind, our whole being. Most of the physical symptoms we experience are merely messengers from our unconscious to let us know that there is an imbalance.

All life is created to want to be in a state of homeostasis, wanting a constant, unchanging and stable environment. Our genetic blueprint has been designed to always want to come back into balance. But certain environmental factors, both externally and internally, might be in the way. This challenges the adaptability of us, the organism, that is being affected.

And herein lies the problem. We adapt, we accept, we grow and go forward, not always from a perfect foundation. We build the rest of our lives based upon, and still reacting to, events in the past or ongoing in the present. This alters the blueprints, the way we assemble life, on so many different levels. At a young age not much affects you physically, but the older you get the more pains and strains start to surface. It also gets more difficult to get rid of these ‘markers’. This is because we are stacking all the traumas we experience on top of each other instead of getting rid of them.

Herein lies the beauty and simplicity, yet profoundly powerful way in which Specialised Kinesiology changes your life. I use muscle response testing as a tool to find the stressor created by these events in life. When it is identified, there are many different options of removing or correcting this imbalance. Now the brain has a new blueprint, a new plan, on how to handle similar future events.

There are many different types or modalities of Kinesiology. The body has an innate intelligence which I use to see which modality is going to be the most helpful in neutralising the stress causing the dysfunction. Whether your issue is physical, emotional, biochemical, mental or whatever, it is possible to address the issue with Kinesiology. Wiping the slate clean, so to speak.

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