What is Muscle Response Testing and why is it so effective?

The phrase Muscle Response Testing has only been used in our community of muscle testers for a couple of years.

The word "Kinesiology" does not describe fully or even comes close to what I do. Now this is probably the most asked question I get: What does a Specialised Kinesiologist do? That is the phrase printed on my ASKSA certificate, my occupation, but it does nothing to describe what and how we do it! The answer is simple, yet complex. We are detectives using Muscle Response Testing as the guide to find the root cause of any issue. The issue or dysfunction can be literally anything, from emotional to physical to mental issues. Anything you feel is problematic in your life and you are unable to get past the stressful effect of that particular event is what bogs us down.

A lot of the time we are not even aware that the effects of an event is still with us subconsciously. The mind is a wonderful place. It literally records everything that has happens to us throughout our entire lives, even from the time of conception. In other words, it is not only genetics that form and mold us, but what happens to and around us is also very important, i.e. the environment. According to Dr. Bruce H. Lipton PhD, an American Biologist and Genetics expert, the environment has a much bigger impact on our gene expression than our genetic make-up itself. And this is not only our physical environment, but also emotional etc. In other words it is very important to not only make sure we fuel the body with the correct nutrients, but that we do emotional 'housekeeping' so to speak on a regular basis.

Back to the point - how do we use Muscle Response Testing in a session? Any muscle can be used. There is always a continuous feedback loop coming from the brain and returning from the muscle back that reports where and how much the muscle is contracted or relaxed. If this loop is damaged, for instance in someone who has Cerebral Palsy, the effects are devastating. When I test the muscle's function it should be strong and hold the limb in position. When we introduce a stressor to the system it will switch off the loop and the muscle goes weak, unable to hold the limb in position. And this is the fun part: that stressor can be anything - from putting a holder filled with sugar on the body to verbalising a negative word or emotion. And herein lies the magic. The detective part!

Looking for the issue or dysfunction that is at the root of the problem is so easy. We rely on the innate intelligence programmed into our bodies. This guides us to the right modality, the right protocol that will negate the effects of the causal stressor. Seeing the results is pure magic! Give Muscle Response Testing a spin, you will be amazed!

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