It is said that the body acts as a barometer and it reflects the state of the mind

In Specialised Kinesiology we believe there is a strong connection between the Brain / Central Nervous System (CNS), the Physical body and our Emotions.

This means if one of the three components mentioned is under pressure the whole system is stressed. Emotional overload of a loved one passing away will have Physical and/or Mental consequences. Lower back pain, heart palpitations, diarrhea, sudden balance issues are just some of the reported physical issues. Depression, anxiety, panic, phobias, learning difficulties and Dyslexia are some examples of mental dysfunction. Everything is linked to everything else. You can however correct only one of the sides of the triad and this will automatically bring about change in the other two!

Different modalities, or ways of working with Muscle Response Testing, affect change on one of the sides of the triangle. For instance Neural Organization Technique (N.O.T.) rewires the brain by mainly effecting change in the mind but having the results more noticeable in relief of symptoms in the body. The way this subconscious change is "programmed" is by touching, rubbing, pressing, stretching and manipulating certain acupressure points, neuro-lymphatic points, neuro-vascular points, muscles, fascia and bones. This is done in a specific way, following a strict protocol. The protocol is set up in such a way that it is nearly impossible to have the same triggers activating again after the correction is done. So why am I telling you this?

What makes N.O.T. so awesome is the fact that it works with the CNS in the now, present time. Our bodies are reacting to stimuli that has been stored and held on to since we were about 10 years old! Can you imagine what the physical or emotional cost to the body is due to this fact!? It is more likely than not the single biggest reason why we carry chronic pain around with us! I see it with clients on a daily basis. Peter is still reacting to his bicycle accident from 10 years ago, Sally can't get 'past' the passing of her husband, and so the list goes on. Pain should be seen as messengers. Messages from our subconscious warning us to sort out and deal with old, hurtful emotions and memories. To "cover" the pain by using pain killers might help us cope for a short while, but the subliminal mind has a way of upping it's game and getting the message across once again - this time packing more punch in the form of more acute pain, a different location, etc.

Muscle Response Testing in conjunction with the right Modality protocol is super effective. N.O.T. removes the fight-or-flight response structurally and biochemically. It is pure magic to see the results in people.

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It is said that the body acts as a barometer and it reflects the state of the mind In Specialised Kinesiology we believe there is a strong connection between...

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