The key phrase on everyone's lips at the moment. But what is the immune system, and what keeps it healthy? Immunity is not just one thing. It is synergy between the brain, the hormonal system and the natural defense cells within the lymphatic system. How does it work? We are constantly exposed to millions of micro organisms on a daily basis - viruses, bacteria, protozoa, parasites, etc. Our immune system is constantly on the lookout for foreign invaders which gains access to our body.

If it is a 'known' invader, either by having confronted it earlier in life or having the antibodies from your mother, the system mobilizes quickly to protect us. But if it is a 'new' invader, as with the SARS-CoV-2 RNA-type virus, the immune system needs to "start from scratch" i.r.t. how it is going to respond to this invader. If the immune response fails it results in the Covid-19 disease. The question however is how does the virus gain access to begin with? Emotions, thoughts and beliefs impact the nervous system. This is in turn affects the hormones, the messengers in the body, which can't alert the immune system!

Fear is the emotion with the lowest energetic vibration. How does an emotion impact us physically? Take two guitars - if you pick a string on one, the same string on the other guitar starts to resonate at the same frequency. This is how a low frequency emotion, like fear, affects us - it brings your vibration down because you start to resonate at the same frequency as the emotion which is constantly on your mind. The lower your vibration, the lower is your immunity! So how do we protect ourselves in the best possible way?

Eat healthy, drink lots of water, and stop giving in to the fear which is being spread virulently on the news, social media and elsewhere. Start and end your day with positive thoughts, and keep yourself busy with positive things throughout your day. If it feels impossible, you are always welcome to contact me for a distance surrogate balance to help you shift your thoughts!

Stay positive, stay healthy. The key is finding balance.

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What is the immune system, and what keeps it healthy?

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The key phrase on everyone's lips at the moment. But what is the immune system, and what keeps it healthy? Immunity is not just one thing. It is synergy...

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