Does this lockdown have you feeling as if you are drowning?

A large portion of the population worldwide is either under lockdown or self-isolation measures are in place. For the first week or two it seems almost like a holiday, having all the time in the world to get the garage sorted, do some "spring cleaning", etc. Here is South Africa we are prohibited to buy any alcohol or cigarettes from the start of the quarantine, and most people managed to keep and regulate their 'stash' for a 4 or 5 week period. But whatever your poison is, it is running out and the real withdrawal symptoms are starting to show. Not only is the withdrawal on your case but the reasons for using those numbing substances are rearing their heads as well.This begs the question: Not whether you ARE addicted, but WHY you got there in the first place. 


It all starts with a fear. And remember fear is the acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real. It is a combination of an emotional response combined with the physical - fear of height is a point in case. It can also be a fear of showing your true feelings, fear of opening the door to a new relationship, fear of an unseen virus. Anything! You just have to give the fear a twist of TRUTH a couple of times and viola, the subconscious mind has accepted the 'new' truth. So what does fear have to do with addiction? If that fear is left to rule your subconscious, it is a fact that you will start a habit. Whether it is lighting up a cigarette to 'calm' the nerves, immersing yourself in social media for hours on end or pouring the fourth drink in a row, it becomes a habit.


Why does a habit progress to become an addiction? Human nature and the fact that an addiction is a physical action connected with a mental thought, with the numbing of the emotions as an added bonus. And make no mistake that gaming, social media, etc. is as addictive as any substance. Now back to almost two months after lockdown started. No more cigarettes available on the black market, pineapple beer not the same as a Scotch, the last glas of wine long forgotten? Those niggling thoughts and emotions resurfacing after being suppressed so long? Cracks start showing, ruptions between cooped up family members are starting, tempers and anger flaring up like never before. But try to take a couple of steps back and examine those fears anew: It is not an absolute truth, because it doesn't have form, colour or substance. It is a fabrication of your own mind.


Specialised Kinesiology is thé most effective modality to deal with these emotions, fears and negative thoughts. Provide me the opportunity to help you find balance. 


Come up for air. Balance is key.

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28 Jun 2020

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24 May 2020

Does this lockdown have you feeling as if you are drowning?

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