How I work?

Every session is unique for every client. We first take care of the fight/flight/freeze mechanism prevalent in a large portion of the population. Thereafter we find whatever else is needed to bring balance in relation to the issue with which you came through the door.

I continuously learn new ways of using muscle response testing to use, as honed tools, to address any issue. These different branches of kinesiology are called modalities, and you will find a list on this page explaining in short how it works, and what the primary aim of each is.

Now the challenge is to find that one ‘branch’ or ‘tool’ which will do the job for each client for that specific situation. I do this by muscle monitoring and relying on the innate intelligence of the body to guide me to the best possible solution for that issue or dysfunction.

Generally, we decide on a focus or a goal for the session, diffuse the primary defences of the fight/flight system, perform Baseline & Neurological Pre-checks, check through a list of other modalities to use and follow that specific protocol as it was designed followed by Post-Session Checks to make sure we have covered all aspects in relation to the original goal.



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